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The 2012 doelings featured on this page are a sample of the NZ Purebred, Purebred and Percentage Kikos to be added to our brood herd this year.   They will be bred to a Kiko buck later this year.  We think they are a really great class, and they have been chosen specifically for their performance and genetics.  Doelings selected for replacements or purchase and registration  must have correct/pleasing confirmation and generally exhibit average daily gains(birth to wean) above 0.3 lbs. per day.  They must display parasite resistance/resilience as well as consistent growth throughout the summer and fall.  They must thrive under our grazing/browsing system throughout our hot, humid summers in the Ohio River Valley.  Pictures were taken March 7, 2013.



Two purebred doelings on the left are daughters of AFK Short ears (left) and AFK Clare (right), and are sired by our Purebred Kiko  Spike, a Raiz’n’Kane son.



This percentage doeling is an outstanding daughter of TNB Shaddix and a kiko cross doe sired by BHF Hamlet.


GAL83 (Lulu) is a NZ Purebred daughter of the outstanding buck Titan’s Hammer.  He and his offspring have shown superior growth and parasite resistance year after year at the Oklahoma forage test.  Thanks, Kikogals, for this addition to our herd!



This colorful and scrappy Purebred  doeling is a daughter of TNB Shaddix and BWP119 (Turbo daughter).  We look forward to seeing her kids next year!


Percentage doe on left  sired by TNB Shaddix; Purebred doe on the right is a daughter of AFK Short Ears and PBG Spike, a Raiz’n’Kane son.



GAL85 on left is a NZ Purebred sired by Titan’s Hammer.  She and the percentage doeling to the right are really thriving on our farm and we can’t wait to see how their kids perform!  Thanks, Kikogals, for the addition  of GAL85 to our herd!





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