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We offer productive and low-maintenance select Kiko goat breedstock, including  COMMERCIAL and REGISTERED (National Kiko Registry or American Kiko Goat Association) PUREBRED, NEW ZEALAND PUREBRED, and CROSSBRED KIKO GOATS.  All goats sold for breeding stock have passed our selection standards based on ADG, parasite resistance/resilliance, and essential sire and dam performance.  All goats sold are guaranteed for health and breeding soundness, or we will return your money or exchange your goat.  Contact us at 812/525-4261 or pattylarr@gmail.com for more information.

Check out our consignments for the Cumberland Meat Goat Conference & Spotlight Kiko sale, lots 14, 59 and 91.  May 22-23, 2015 Cookeville, Tenn.  For information and catalogue go to www.nationalkikoregistry.com

April 2015
Purebred Bucks for sale:
“PBG PRINCE” for sale- see buck page for details about this buck, we like him a lot, but need to add other bloodlines too! Call Pat for price and availability.

2014 #404 - Solid Black buck sired by PBG Shogun’s Oz… one of the best from our 2013 crop! Call for current pictures and price. Shown below as a kid April 2013, born 3/9/14, bw8.9#, 90dw 53#; wean ratio 118

Black buck


2015 Bucklings and Doelings for sale:
Shown below are a few pictures taken on April 26, 2015 of some of this year’s kid crop. A grand total of 85 kids were born in March and April this year!  A select few will be retained for replacements and consignment to the Bluegrass Performance Invitational Sale in September 2015.  4-5 bucklings will be sent to Maryland in June for the 2015 Maryland Performance test.  The remainder will be available after they are weaned and our on-farm performance review is completed. They will be sold as market, commercial or registered animals depending on performance and status.



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