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OUR PHILOSOPHY - “Less is more!!!”
Learning from our personal experience from years of raising many different kinds of goats, (pygmies to angoras and cashmeres to boers and now KIKOS),  we know what many of you have learned too...that as far as the KIKO breed is concerned, less is more!

By settling on raising KIKOS, we: use LESS grain and LESS medication, have FEWER parasite problems, FEWER foot problems, FEWER kidding problems, and LESS illness. That means LESS stress for us!

By settling on raising KIKOS, we: have MORE live kid births, MORE kids weaned per doe, MORE profits from market animals and breed stock sales, MORE time to enjoy the goats and the farm, MORE time to spend with friends and family, and MORE fun in retirement!

We have no doubt that utilizing the outstanding grazing and browsing characteristics of the Kiko goat has helped us improve our herd health, profits and maintenance requirements.   It would be difficult to identify the best Kiko breeding stock if our goats were on continuous grain instead of being the hard working animals they were born and bred to be.  With that in mind, our feeding and herd management program over the years has evolved to a low input, mostly forage & browse based system.  We:
            *de-worm goats only if needed based on FAMACHA eye scores and body condition
            *select breedstock utilizing on-farm performance testing in cooperation with Kentucky State University’s “Goat Herd Improvement Program" on-farm performance data. We select the best and eat the rest!
            *keep detailed records of hoof condition, kidding and mothering, milk production and body condition to utilize in culling and breedstock selection.
            *utilize rotational grazing to promote year-round grazing and browsing
            *strive to minimize inputs and take advantage of the outstanding attributes of the KIKO breed.
            *in the winter months, feed good quality hay and just enough grain, if needed, to help meet the protein requirements of the late-gestation/lactation brood does. Good quality hay for us is defined as grass-legume with 11-12% or greater protein. We do forage testing on the hay we bale or buy to better evaluate what we have and how much we need to feed. A great article on feeding hay can be found at this link: http://thecrawfordfarm.com/awmdata2/feedinghay.htm.
            *always have free choice loose minerals available that provide adequate copper and other vitamins and minerals specific to the needs of our grazing/browsing goats.

To put the highest quality KIKO goats to work for our customers, while contributing to the improvement, expansion and long-term viability of this exceptional meat goat breed.


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