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Our brood herd includes approximately 40 NZ Purebred, Purebred and Percentage Kiko does that we are very proud of!  Through breeding up the best of our existing meat goat herd and purchase of additional foundation animals with performance proven Kiko genetics, we believe we can provide our customers with some of the best, most productive Kiko goats available.  Check out some of our favorite does, which are featured below.

AFK Claire

AFK Claire, a purebred daughter of TNT Keeper’s Oz, the buck who sired the 2009 Maryland test winner.  She has turned out to be one of our toughest does!



BWP119 (back) is an easy keeper and has Terminator on the top side and Zorro on the bottom.  Her daughter,  shown in the foreground, is sired by Raiz n Cane, a Loverboy son.  She is a large framed doe that has thrived in our herd.  Can’t wait to see her kids from Shogun!

AFK Short Ears

AFK Short Ears,(left) a daughter of TNT Keeper’s Oz, is one of our most productive and low maintenance does. Her 2011 doeling by TNB Shaddix is to her right.



2011 Purebred doe by Raiz n Cane on the top side and a daughter of Mr. Speckles on the bottom.  Talk about performance!!!  She’s got what it takes!


GAL85 is one of 3 NZ daughters sired by Titan’s Hammer that we are proud to own! She is shown here with one of her 2015 twins.



LEN A5 is a NZ granddaughter of Loverboy and is shown with her 2015 buckling.


This NZ doe is a daughter of Loverboy and still performing at 9 years old,  shown with one of twins born April 23, 2015. Loverboy was famous for adding great maternals to his offspring, and she is a great example of that!


Young does

Here are two of our youngest does ready to enter the doe herd. In the foreground, AFK Black Magic’s127.  Her sire also sired the most parasite resilient buck at the 2014 Maryland Buck test.



2011 percentage doe by TNB Shaddix and one of our best (and last) boer does.
She has proven to produce big and hardy kids.

Other replacement does entering the herd include:
*PBG Blackbeard’s Snowflake, a granddaughter of Keeper’s Oz and Mr. Speckles
*JDR Della, daughter of “Big Sam”, winner of the 2012 Maryland buck test
*PJM Copyright Blue D44, daughter of SKY213 Blue’s Copyright,  who sired 4 record breaking/winning buck kids in 2014 at the West Virginia Buck Performance test.
*CVK Bushmasters D08, granddaughter of LEN8 who sired many great performers


Too many does to feature them all, but they all are special!!!  If they didn’t meet our production standards, they would have already gone to market






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